Episode 17: Crystals Are So Much More Than Just Rocks. Your Guide to Get You Started with Working with Crystals

Feb 13, 2024

Are you wondering where to begin when working with crystals, or are you someone like me who’s been working with them for over 14 years? Maybe you’re somewhere in between? There is an entire world of crystals, which is why in my Raise Your Vibration signature program I have a whole section focusing on them. For this episode, I just want to get you started, and what I share today will help give you more clarity and strengthen your connection with working with crystals to get you the results that you’re looking for!

What crystal are you currently working with and what are you creating? I’d love to hear about it, so send me a DM or tag me on Instagram, @jill_foubister, and always, I am so grateful for you listening to this podcast.

Mark your calendars because I have a free workshop for you coming up on Tuesday, March 5th! In it we’ll be diving into how increasing your frequency is the only way to strengthen your intuition and manifest faster. This truly is for the intuitive soul that wants to feel more connected to source and call on the things they really want. You can register now at www.jilltrainings.com/freeworkshop, and I hope to see you there!

What I Cover In This Episode:

• A look at what crystals are and the important role they can play in our ascension process [3:31]

• What we can use crystals for and one crystal I specifically love working with [6:24]

• How to clear your crystals and why this is something you need to be aware of [11:17]

• My very first experience with crystals and the way this led to a big manifestation breakthrough for me [16:21]

• Crystals are tools, but you have to make sure you’re doing this when using them [17:49]


Key Quotes:

“Crystals are the bones of Mother Earth and crystals are tools to assist us in our ascension process. They’re helping us to adjust to these higher frequencies that are coming in.” [3:31]

“It’s not just about the crystal doing all the work. It’s about you tuning your frequency to the alignment of that crystal.” [14:01]

“When I first got started with crystals I had the biggest manifestation breakthrough. I manifested getting a penthouse in New York overlooking the Statue of Liberty, in this beautiful grand building.” [16:21]

“When you dive into this world of crystals there are tools you can buy. You can buy all the tools you want, just like if you have a car you can have a garage full of tools….but are you using the tools correctly and effectively?” [17:49]


Links & Resources:

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