Episode 18: How Increasing Your Frequency Speeds Up Your Manifestations

Feb 26, 2024

Today I want to share a story about how living 'from the inside out' recently manifested something wonderful in my life, and one that I think shows how our emotions act as a magnetic force that is always shaping our reality.

In this episode, I reveal the crucial first steps to aligning your inner world with external success and the way that increasing your frequency not only strengthens your intuition but accelerates the manifestation process. I hope what I share can help transform your perspective and empower your very own journey!

Can you think of a time where boosting your frequency led to faster manifestation in your life? I’d love to hear about it, so send me a DM or tag me on Instagram, @jill_foubister, and always, I am so grateful for you listening to this podcast.

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What I Cover In This Episode:

• A cute story about my daughter on Valentine’s Day and a little exercise for gratitude I invite you to do [1:50]

• How living from the inside out, and not reacting to external circumstances recently manifested something desirable in my life [5:17]

• The big awareness from this this experience that reminded me of how the world really works [9:17]

• A deeper look at what living from the inside out really is and why it is such an important to concept to understand [10:44]

• The way in which your emotions are magnetic and how they influence the world around you [12:12]

• What first needs to happen in order to live your life from the inside out [19:06]


Key Quotes:

“I almost put my kids and myself in a car that didn’t work, and instead of going to a place of ‘how dare you almost give us a car?’, I was in a state of full gratitude.” [9:19]

“The world is not out to get you. The world, your world is reflecting you and your inner world.” [10:24]

“Your emotions are magnetic. So, if you’re leaking your energy by constantly having these thoughts that are focused on your external world, your circumstances, you’re going to attract that because you’re magnetic.” [12:30]

“When you increase your frequency, you still strengthen your intuition, and you will manifest faster.” [15:43]


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