Episode 19: How to know when you are in alignment with yourself or being tricked by fear

Mar 04, 2024

What’s guiding you, your head, or your heart? There is a fine line between alignment and fear, but how do you know which is guiding you at any given moment? Are you stepping outside your comfort zone into a space of true alignment, or is fear masquerading as caution, holding you back from your fullest potential? Today I want to give the tools that will help you not only check in with yourself and answer these questions but will allow you to take that next step and live your life at your highest vibration, with love, joy and confidence. It’s time to live a life aligned with your true purpose, free from the constraints of fear!

Has fear been holding you back, or are you not sure if you’re in alignment right now or how your intuition can help you in this process? I’d love to hear about it, so send me a DM or tag me on Instagram, @jill_foubister, and always, I am so grateful for you listening to this podcast.

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What I Cover In This Episode:

• How fear is an illusion and why it’s so important to understand this [5:42]

• The way in which intuition pulls you into what you want [6:26]

• A look at how love and joy outweighed my fears when launching [8:13]

• What being in alignment with me, and my higher self allows me to do [11:05]

• Why in order to step into the new version of yourself, your new identity, you have to leave old limiting beliefs behind [12:52]

• Questions to ask yourself as you self-reflect on whether you are in alignment right now [18:16]

Key Quotes:

“Fear is a very low frequency. Intuition vibrates at a much higher pace [and] is a higher frequency.” [7:12]

“The heart energy is so much more powerful than the brain energy, and where does fear come from? The brain.” [9:53]

“When you begin to walk that path and you step into that new version of yourself, that highest version, that new identity, what’s actually happening is you’re having to release old limiting beliefs; old identities that didn’t belong to you.” [13:04]

“Lean into the frequency of love and joy and anchor in that and that fear will begin to fade away.” [15:53]

Links & Resources:

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