Episode 20: Raising Intuitive Children Part 2

Apr 09, 2024

Last year on the podcast I spoke about how each of us is born intuitive, and as parents, we want to help keep that intuitive door open for our children. Today I’m back with Part 2 of this conversation, where I go even deeper on this topic. In this episode, I share what happens when your children pull themselves inwards and check-in with themselves, instead of having to seek external validation.

Although this is Part 2 of Raising Intuitive Children, this episode is also about you. In it, you’ll hear specific questions that you can ask yourself right now to pull yourself inwards, with some very powerful reminders of how abundance is your birthright, and you are born intuitive. So just be you!

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode, and the first episode I did on raising intuitive children? I’d love to hear about it and what resonated with you the most, so send me a DM or tag me on Instagram, @jill_foubister. As always, I am so grateful for you listening to this podcast.

What I Cover In This Episode:

• Some of the ways that I’m teaching my kids to check in with themselves [2:44]

• Why it’s important to realize that you can’t push being intuitive [8:53]

• The ways in which I am demonstrating how to handle emotions with my children and something that you can do to keep the intuitive door open for your little ones [11:21]

• What to keep in mind about your children and the time they’ve been in their 3D bodies [13:57]

• Just be you! A challenge that will give perspective to everything I talk about in this episode…[15:58]


Key Quotes:

“They are starting to check in with themselves instead of reaching externally. They’ll start to live from the inside out instead of outside in.” [8:41]

“What I say doesn’t fall on deaf ears…so don’t push, don’t shove, [but] demonstrate. The kids are always watching.” [11:14]

“We’re all on our own unique path and you can’t compare your path to someone else’s, because you don’t know what karma and lesson that person has signed up for, and that goes for the same with your children.” [13:46]

“Just be you. Play your game and when people say to go with the flow, whose flow? Go with your flow; you are the creator of your reality.” [15:58]

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