Episode 21: Unleash The Frequency of Your Authentic Voice with Tracy Goodwin

Apr 09, 2024

Today’s very special guest is Tracy Goodwin, a powerful authentic voice coach who will help you unlock your next level of authority, impact, and your authenticity with the greatest asset you have…your voice!

Tracy is an internationally known voice expert, speaker, author, host of the Captivate the Room podcast and creator of Psychology of the Voice® She has taught thousands of celebrities, professionals, entrepreneurs, even supreme court justices how to find their real voice so they amplify their authority, drive influence, transform relationships, and increase revenue.

Her unique research-based approach is like no other and transforms voices from the inside out as she instantly pinpoints sounds that are blocking your next level of success. Tracy holds a BFA two master’s degrees and has been researching and coaching voices for over 35 years.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Tracy is not your typical voice coach. She is my secret weapon who has helped me unleash the authenticity of who I really am through the power of my own voice, and I’m so glad that you get to meet her today!

What was your biggest takeaway from this episode and what Tracy had to share, and how are you planning to unleash the frequency of your authentic voice? We’d love to hear about it, so tag us on Instagram, @captivatetheroom and @jill_foubister.

As always, I am so grateful for you listening to this podcast and I’ll see you soon with a brand-new episode!


What I Cover In This Episode:

• What the 7 layers of sound are and why it’s important to be aware of each of them [9:37]

• How the subconscious mind of your buyer is deciding everything about you within mere seconds [13:35]

• What the Clair senses are and how they have played a role in Tracy’s life and business [16:19]

• How one of the biggest problems in voice is understanding the message [19:48]

• A way to start becoming aware of when you are putting a mask on your voice and the magic that can happen when you make this realization [32:18]

Key Quotes:

“I approach voice from the inside out. There is quantifiable evidence in my body of research, that your voice, that everybody's voice, everybody who is listening, your voice is put in place by your subconscious.” [4:59]

“What powerful transformations I can make for people, not even about let me make you sound great, it is more about let me give you some internal freedom.“ [8:57]

“People are leaving 30 to 90 percent of their revenue on the table, even the best of the best, primarily because of these voice masks.” [15:07]

“I think we have to do tremendous subconscious reprogramming in this work, and I think a lot of is around worth.” [35:26]

Links & Resources:

Tracy’s Website, Instagram & Facebook

Connect with Tracy on LinkedIn