Episode 24: The Spirit Of Business: Manifesting Success In The Digital World With James Wedmore Part 2

Jun 04, 2024

I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger last week, so for today’s episode, I pick back up with Part 2 of my conversation about spirituality and business with brother, James Wedmore!

James is the owner and creator of Business By Design and the host of The Mind Your Business Podcast, and we had so much fun recording these two episodes that I’ll be bringing you a special bonus episode we did together, so watch for that one next week!

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If something we spoke about today resonated with you, we’d love to hear about it! You can share your thoughts with James and I on Instagram, @jameswedmore and @jill_foubister.


What I Cover In This Episode:

• What it’s like for me to be coached by my brother and what most people say when they hear that we’re doing this [2:16]

• The magic that happens when you make the conscious decision for your business to be purpose driven and not be just driven by your ego [4:04]

• Why right now is such an important and interesting time for humanity to live in their true purpose [8:08]

• A way to reframe what it takes to grow a business if you are a new mom, and the two things I do to make my business work for me and my own life [12:58]

• What impresses James more than someone just having a business generating big revenue numbers [18:28]

• The mindset I had and what I told myself when I first purchased Business By Design [24:12]

• What James experience has been in coaching me and the biggest shift he’s seen me make during this time [27:38]

• A rapid-fire Q&A session with James [33:38]

• What you can expect from James’ upcoming The Rise Of The Digital CEO LIVE 3-Part Training [36:34]


Key Quotes:

“Here’s something about spirituality and business. I as doing it for 3D reasons, so I needed to prove something to myself, to my dad. I needed to prove that I would be good enough and all that stuff, so these are all 3D ego drivers.” [James, 3:39]

“If you’re alive, there is a purpose for your existence beyond just being alive. For most, if not all of us, it’s a purpose that is beyond us; it’s to serve others.” [James, 7:24]

“If you look at what fear is, it’s an unwanted future that you actually believe is going to happen. If you look at what purpose is, it’s a desirable or wanted future that could happen. So, it’s just a matter of what future will you feed?” [James, 10:22]

“That’s really where the Business By Design philosophy came from. It’s a business that you create and that you design around your life.” [James, 19:02]

“The more structure you have in your business, the more freedom you get in your life. So, when we create the business from that philosophy and mentality, it creates a healthy business, which gives you an abundant life.” [James, 37:40]


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